Creative Loafing - Taking refuge in photography

‘Southern Refuge’ displays portraits of America’s most diverse square mile

At first glance, Southern Refuge looks like a global exhibition of pictures taken all over the world. More than 120 pictures on display feature people from Burma, Ethiopia, Syria, Somalia, and Uganda, among others. Look a little closer, however, and it becomes clear that these diverse photos are all from the same corner of the world: Clarkston, Georgia. Story here...

Photo by Tom Griscom - @tomgriscom

Photo by Tom Griscom - @tomgriscom

Atlanta Magazine - Ellis Island South: Welcome to the most diverse square mile in America

From the weloveatl + Square Mile Gallery Southern Refuge Show: For the past 20 years, the world’s beleaguered and oppressed have found refuge in Clarkston, Georgia - Story here...

Photo by Raymond McCrea Jones

Photo by Raymond McCrea Jones

Photo by Tom Griscom

Photo by Tom Griscom

Curbed Atlanta - Photo Scavenger Hunt Highlights Historic Downtown

Photo tour highlights South Downtown of then and now

South Downtown is filled with a bewildering array of old buildings in various states of disrepair, interspersed with parking lots and the occasional infill building.

On Saturday afternoon, the Atlanta History Center — in partnership with atl and photographer Chris Moloney — gave Atlantans the opportunity to dive headfirst into the history of the neighborhood. Story here...

The Atlanta Constitution Building, constructed in 1947. - Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

The Atlanta Constitution Building, constructed in 1947. - Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

The Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, constructed 1873. - Michael Kahn, Curbed

The Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, constructed 1873. - Michael Kahn, Curbed

Creative Mornings - weloveatl speak on collaboration

Tim Moxley, Brandon Barr, and Aaron Coury share how #weloveatl has grown from a simple hashtag to a movement of people connected by their love for the city of Atlanta.

Atlanta Magazine - 2014 in Atlanta, as told by 14 #weloveatl Instagram photos

The hashtag, created by Brandon Barr, Aaron Coury, and Tim Moxley, has become a badge of civic pride

There’s more to cellphone snaps than selfies and documentation of everyone’s dinner. In 2012, photographers Brandon Barr, Aaron Coury, and Tim Moxley created the hashtag #weloveatl to curate Instagram shots for a gallery show. The label has become a badge of civic pride, with Atlantans tagging more than 100,000 photos. “We have been surprised from the beginning how much it has resonated,” says Barr. “I think it’s because we bring together a variety of people who don’t always get to interact—and empower ordinary citizens to tell compelling stories of their love of the city.” We asked the trio to select 14 images that represented this year. Story here...

Brea Kellam  @BREAmusic

Brea Kellam @BREAmusic

Creative Loafing - Beltline residents highlighted in '45x45' project

'We wanted to connect people and to allow conversation to happen around the portraits.'

#weloveatl, a loose collective of cellular shutterbugs based around the Instagram hashtag, has partnered with Art on the Beltline on an "Inside Out" project that features 45 portraits of residents living in 45 different neighborhoods adjacent to the 22-mile loop of parks, trails, and greenspace — aptly titled the "45 x 45: Neighbors Connected" project. The 15-foot-by-50-foot wheatpaste, comprised of monochrome portraits positioned in a 3-by-15 grid, was plastered last weekend onto a drab concrete wall on North Avenue near the Beltline and Historic Fourth Ward Park. Story here...

Photo by Jason Travis - @jtrav

Photo by Jason Travis - @jtrav

AJC - Hashtag #weloveatl launches photo project that keeps on giving

That’s the social media hashtag three Atlanta-based photographers created two years ago to connect with local shutterbugs on Instagram. They had no idea the initiative would turn into a long-term project that has supplied more than 37,000 meals and counting to Atlanta’s needy. Story here...

Akili-Casundria Ramsess/Special to the AJC

Akili-Casundria Ramsess/Special to the AJC


Every serious Instragrammer (and yes, we mean serious mobile artist) has his or her own favorite hashtags. They offer context, and even a sense of community, around a photo that's being shared. While lots of cellular photographers use #latergram or #vscocam, Atlanta's cellular shutterbugs rely upon the beloved #WELOVEATL. Story Here...

#weloveatl on CNN's Impact Your World

Some Atlanta photographers are using an Instagram hashtag to feed the hungry in their community and impact their world. Story here...

Bitter Southerner - Living Walls & #weloveatl demonstrate why people succeed where marketing fails

Today, barely two years after it was hatched, the #weloveatl hashtag sits on more than 50,000 photographs, all taken by Atlantans who try to capture in a single image what they love about the city. Read more...

HLN - #weloveatl coming to a gallery near you: your Instagram pics!

"When you hashtag your pictures with #weloveatl, it's actually a proclamation" Moxley told HLN. "You're saying why you love the city and you're describing your life in the city" Since the hashtag started, more than 36,000 poctures have been tagged #weloveatl

BBC - #weloveatl

A social media facelift for Atlanta

Not liking how their city was portrayed on Instagram, three Atlanta photographers created a new hashtag and decided to give the submissions a real-life gallery to be displayed in.

Tim Moxely, Brandon Barr and Aaron Coury converted an old bread truck to show off the best of #weloveatl in a mobile art gallery, both asking people to go out and take their own photos, as well as selling the ones that are hanging in front of them.

The proceeds go to the Atlanta Community Food Bank, with permission of the original photo-taker.

Produced by the BBC's Franz Strasser.